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”misterjackpot“ (hereinafter also referred to as the ”portal” or ”website”) is a partnership-based games and marketing portal between WHOW Games GmbH (”WHOW” / ”we” / ”us” / ”our”) and Italiaonline S.p.a. (”Italiaonline”), both hereinafter collectively also referred to as the ”party” or ”parties”.

The portal is operated by WHOW. We are responsible for the hosting, technical provision and maintenance of the portal. Italiaonline, on the other hand, provides the domain that hosts the site and establishes the generation of traffic on the portal.

We take your data privacy seriously. As such, we are committed to making it easy for you to understand what we do with your data. We use the term "personal data" in the sense of Article 4 European General Data Protection Regulation (”GDPR”) pursuant to EU-Regulation No. 2016/679.

This privacy policy is an overview of the kind of data we collect, why we collect and process it, and what choices you have in maintaining an overview of what you share. We'd also like to inform you what legal rights you have in regard to your personal data as well as who to contact about enforcing those rights.

This portal uses cookies or markers, which technically are packets of information sent by a web server (in this case, from this site) to the User's browser and stored by the latter on his/her device (personal computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) and automatically sent back to the server with each subsequent accessing of the website.

To find out what kind of cookies are used and why, you can view the information below. To provide or update your preferences regarding the use of cookies, just click on the button "Cookie" in the lower right hand portion of the portal.

Who the parties are

WHOW develops and operates social games and social gaming portals and is an authorized publisher and distributor of third-party browser-based and mobile social casino games that are integrated into websites in such a way that they appear as native website/mobile content to the user. Users can participate in WHOW's games for free but have the option to voluntarily purchase virtual currency for special features, functionality or virtual goods.

WHOW’s place of business is located under the following address:

WHOW Games GmbH
Bleichenbrücke 10
20354 Hamburg

If you have any questions specifically pertaining to data privacy, you can contact us using, or you can reach out to the Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) of either party, who has been appointed in accordance with Articles 37 et seq. GDPR.

WHOW’s DPO is:

Maximilian Hartung
Frauentorstraße 9
86152 Augsburg


The supervisory authority responsible for WHOW is:

Der Hamburgische Beauftragte für Datenschutz und Informationsfreiheit
Ludwig-Erhard-Straße 22, 7. OG
20459 Hamburg
Phone: +49 40/42854-4040
Fax: +49 40/42854-4000

Italiaonline is an Italian provider of prominent web portals, e-mail, services and directories, as well as a wide range of online communication solutions.

Italiaonline conducts its business at the following address:

Italiaonline S.p.a.
Via del Bosco Rinnovato 8
Palazzo U4
20057 Assago – Milanofiori Nord – Milan

For any request pertaining to the topic of privacy, please feel free to contact Italiaonline via this contact form: or DPO via this contact form:

The supervisory authority responsible for Italiaonline is the Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data based in Rome, Italy, at Piazza Venezia n. 11, 00187 (

Since, together with Italiaonline, we jointly determine the purposes and means of processing personal data within "misterjackpot" for certain data-processing processes as data controllers, the parties have concluded a Joint Controller Agreement pursuant to Article 26 GDPR. For further information on joint responsibility or for the respective responsibilities per data processing process, we refer you to our following explanations as well as to section ”Information on the joint controllership of data of Italiaonline and WHOW according to Article 26 GDPR” of this privacy policy. Upon request, we will also provide you with further information on the Joint Controller Agreement between WHOW and Italiaonline.

Who this privacy policy applies to

This privacy policy applies to users who visit and/or register to use the respective gaming platform.

What personal data do we collect?

We collect personal data from you when you register an account with us.

We process the following categories of data:

Data for access management (credentials)
E.g. email address, password (but also e.g. Facebook identifier if you connect your Facebook account)

Customization data
E.g. your display name, your avatar

Data about your game progress
E.g. your level, quest status, the number of in-game currency you have

Data about your preferences
E.g. whether you subscribed to our newsletter

Device data
E.g. device ID, operating system, browser string

Data about your online behavior
E.g. logins, gameplay, clicks

Data about individual payments in our games
E.g. if you buy in-game currency using our shop

Network data
E.g. IP address, referrer

Localization data
E.g. country of origin, language

Personally identifiable data
E.g. address, date of birth

Affiliate information
E.g. banner ads you clicked on to reach us

The way we process this data, why and on what legal basis we do this are explained in the section "Why do we process your data?"

Sensitive data
Sensitive GDPR data is the so-called "special categories of personal data”, e.g. on your racial or ethnic origin, your health, or your political opinions. We do not intentionally collect any sensitive data from you.

That said, we cannot control what content you put into messages you write through our website (e.g. to other users, or when you create a support ticket). While we strive to protect any privacy implied by such a transfer, we cannot differentiate a particularly sensitive message from any other kind of message you may choose to write. Please be aware that such messages are not afforded any additional protection.

Data pertaining to children
We do not collect any information on children. You need to be a legal adult to play our games.

Why do we process your data?

Enabling gameplay (contractual fulfillment; Article 6 para. 1 lit. b GDPR)

Our game platform cannot function without certain data. In order for you to have any meaningful progress in your gameplay, we need to be able to reliably differentiate you from other users of our website, which is why we ask you to register an account. When you log in, we compare your login credentials against those we have on file and maintain your customization data and game progress. Your display name, avatar, and certain elements of your progress are made public within our game platform (e.g. for in-game leaderboards, or to broadcast certain wins). You can change your display name and avatar at any time. Additionally, your country and language are used to provide you with a localization of our website - we will try to serve you content in your language and our in-game shop in your local currency.

Payments and invoices

If you wish to buy in-game currency in our in-game shop, your transaction will usually be with third-party payment processors. In any case, once a payment is successful, we get this information in the form of a digital invoice, which we store to fulfil legal requirements (Article 6 para. 1 lit. c GDPR), to retain them in the case of legal dispute (legitimate interest, Article 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR), and to optimize our web presence for you (legitimate interest, Article 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR).

These invoices contain the following data: the product/service you purchased, how much you paid for the item and the payment method you used. We do not store any type of information that can be used to make a payment unless you yourself have activated the QuickPay service (contractual fulfillment; Article 6 para. 1 lit. b GDPR).

We do not have access to credit card numbers or card verification codes (CVC). As such, it is not possible for us to process such information or pass it along to a third party. At our website, we use the services of the it-security-provider Risk.Ident GmbH. Every form of communication between us and Risk.Ident only takes place for the sake of preventing cases of fraud whilst using our website.

Data storage

Risk.Ident collects and processes specific data from our users, via cookies and tracking technology, about the features of the device used by the customer (“device related data”), raw data out of the TCP/IP connection and data about the usage of our website. Thereby Risk.Ident also collects and processes the user's IP address. However, this is encrypted within a few seconds at Risk.Ident. The information will be saved in a database by Risk.Ident for risk prevention purposes.

Data retrieval

Once a user has signed a contract that entails risk-related terms at one of our websites e.g. by creating a user account for the purchase of certain items, we retrieve a risk score from the Risk.Ident database. The risk score has been deposited there for the device used by the customer. The risk score is inter alia based on information about

a) whether the user’s device has communicated or communicated, current or past, via a proxy connection.

b) whether the device recently has dialed in via various internet service providers.

c) whether the device has shown or showed a frequently changing geo reference.

d) how many internet transactions have been executed via the device in the recent past (we cannot detect which kind of transaction it was).

e) how probable it is that the device, deposited in the Risk.Ident database, actually belongs to the respective user.

The outcome of this risk score supports us in preventing fraud attempts.

Data transmission

In addition, we transmit data to Risk.Ident to the extent of our knowledge that a user may have committed or attempted to commit fraud. Risk.Ident is provided with information about such an attempt as well as the specific device-related data of the user. As part of our fraud protection measures (also known as anti-fraud measures), all person-related master data, communication information, contractual master data, customer histories, contract billing data, and payment information are provided to the Risk.Ident GmbH for processing.

Direct marketing, newsletter, newsletter tracking

We offer our players the ability to optionally subscribe to newsletters offered by WHOW. When you sign up for our newsletter, we use the required email address to send you our email newsletter in accordance with your given consent. We send newsletters in regular intervals to distribute news, offers, and events regarding ”misterjackpot“ and new slot games as well as features. If you have registered for the newsletter, WHOW collects, processes, and uses the data provided by you in order to send the newsletter. The technical implementation of the dispatch of the newsletter is carried out by WHOW.

When you register for an electronic newsletter and other electronic communications, we process the following data:

(1) Your profile name

(2) Your e-mail address

(3) Information on whether you have consented or objected to receiving such forms of communication, including the date and time.

Registration for the email newsletter takes place via a double-opt-in procedure set up by the system. This means that after entering your data, you will receive an email with a confirmation link. This confirmation email serves to authorize the receipt of the newsletter by the owner of the specified email address. The respective email address will only be included in the distribution list after confirmation.

As part of the evaluation of the success of our newsletter, on the legal basis of legitimate interest – Article 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR – we make use of a tracking system from the provider Braze, Inc, 265 W. 37th Street, Suite 1212, New York, NY 10018, USA (hereinafter "Braze"). Braze places a "pixel" in the respective newsletter for the collection of the necessary data. With the help of the Braze pixel, the following data regarding the newsletter as well as our push messages is evaluated:
- The status of the receipt of the email or push message
- Evaluation of the clicking success for the links in the newsletter. Such evaluations are then made available to WHOW by Braze.

This information can be used by WHOW - if you so choose - to send targeted push notifications messages and newsletters about our website services or specific events.

Braze uses a pseudonymized User ID (ID) for this purpose, which enables an analysis of the user behavior of our newsletter or our push notifications by them. At no time will the information collected by Braze be merged with your data. For more information on Braze and on data processing by Braze, please visit Braze's website at and Braze's privacy policy at

The legal basis for the processing of the data transmitted in the course of consenting to receive the newsletter, as well as for the temporary anonymization and storage of the anonymized data for the evaluation of success, is based on your given consent Article 6 para. 1 lit. a GDPR. We also have a legitimate interest in direct advertising and evaluating the success of your response to the contents of the newsletter in order to successfully assert ourselves in the market.

The processing of personal data by us as well as our tracking service provider Braze serves us solely with respect to processing and sending a newsletter as well as to evaluating the success of a respective newsletter. Anonymized statistics about your use of and reaction to our newsletter help us to better align our offers with the interests of our subscribers. This is also the necessary legitimate interest in processing the data.

Your data is stored on WHOW servers , which are located in the European Union (Frankfurt a.M., Germany). WHOW uses this information to send and evaluate the newsletter usage as well as for its own service optimization. The data will be deleted as soon as it is no longer necessary to achieve the purpose for which they were collected. For personal data, this is the case should consent for processing be revoked.

You have the option to revoke your consent to the processing of personal data for the receipt of the newsletter at any time. Unsubscribing is possible at any time. It can be done by email (, right in the account settings, or via a designated link for unsubscribing in the newsletter.

Furthermore, with your consent, some personal data referring to you (first and last name, email address, and telephone number) may also be used by our partner Italiaonline for marketing purposes (e.g. sending advertising material and proposing offers and promotions) or for market research (e.g. statistical analysis and customer satisfaction). The consent you give for these purposes is free and optional, so the possibility of registering for the online game service will not be affected in any way.

You can easily unsubscribe at any time, either through the unsubscribe link in the emails from Italiaonline or by making a request to Italiaonline, through the channels indicated in the remainder of this data privacy. For emails generated by WHOW, you can change your email preferences in your account or by making a request to WHOW through the channels indicated in the remainder of this data privacy. Unsubscribing from the newsletter also results in the removal of your email address from the list of recipients for promotional communications that Italiaonline makes use of. In the same manner, a request for cancellation sent to Italiaonline will lead to you being unsubscribed from the newsletter sent by WHOW.

Unsubscribing from the newsletter also results in the removal of your email address from the list of recipients for promotional communications that Italiaonline makes use of. In the same manner, a request for cancellation sent to Italiaonline will lead to you being unsubscribed from the newsletter sent by WHOW.

Security and fraud prevention (legitimate interest; Article 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR)

To help secure our website and to prevent fraud, we store data such as your IP address and certain device information when you access our website and interact with it.

Your device data and IP address information is stored and logged to allow fraud and data security forensic investigation. Your IP address information is also processed automatically by our network devices - this infrastructure is needed to serve our website, but also to deny access to IP addresses known to be in use by malicious actors.

Due to the nature of this interest, we cannot offer you a means to opt-out of this processing, as this would undermine its purpose (and in some cases, an opt-out is technically impossible - e.g. we cannot exempt your IP address from processing by our network devices).

If you object to this processing, we ask that you please do not use our website.

Optimization of website and campaigns (legitimate interest; Article 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR)

To optimize our marketing campaigns and our website, we track information about your behavior and preferences. This data is pseudonymized and stored separately from your account data. While they are stored on an individual basis, this data is only available to the employees that must work with this data, and they are reported on only in aggregate.

Over the course of campaign optimization, we share some of this data with third-party trackers by embedding a tracking pixel on our website.

Please refer to the section “Web Analytics” for further information about these trackers and how you can opt out of them.

Are you required to share your personal data with WHOW?

WHOW does require some data we require from you:

Data needed to fulfill our contractual obligations and the associated services

Data you explicitly make available, namely data for access management, personally identifiable data (where applicable), data about your preferences (opt-in/opt-out).

Data you supply by browsing our website, namely network data, data about your game progress.

Data that we are legally required to store

Data you supply by making a purchase, namely data about individual payments in our games.

Data required for security

Data you supply by browsing our website: device data, network data. Without this personal data, we cannot provide you with our services.

Automated decisions

We do not use your personal data for any automated individual decision-making that would have legal or otherwise similarly significant effects on you.

Any effects of automated decisions based on your personal data are confined to our game platform. For example, we may use your purchase information (frequency and amount) to give you automated, and customized discounts in-game.

How long do we store your data?

For data that we store for legal reasons, we retain the data as long as legally required of us (up to ten years).

For data that we store in consideration of legal disputes, we retain the data as long as legally permissible. This may be up to 30 years.

For logs storing network data, we delete the data in regular intervals - the exact time varies based on configuration rules (which may prune the logs based on size rather than a fixed time), on whether the data was part of a snapshot that landed in a backup, and on whether the logs are part of a set of logs that are routinely forwarded to a central log repository but will not exceed 2 years.

For data necessary to send the newsletters and commercial emails, data will be stored until the permission to use them is revoked by the user or the user cancels his account.

Where do we store your data and who do we share it with?

Your personal data within WHOW

Your personal data is only processed for the sake of pursuing our legitimate interests or in fulfilling our contractual and legal obligations.

Your personal data outside of WHOW

We and Italiaonline share your data only where it is legally permissible to do so, when it's required to fulfil contracts you may have with us (Article 6 para. 1 lit. b GDPR) or on basis of legitimate interest (Article 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR). We share your personal data only if you have given us permission to do so, in aggregate or anonymized form (preventing the data from being linked to other data you may have supplied elsewhere), or with providers that are contractually obliged to treat your data with care.

We exchange data with providers in the following categories:

Hosting and content distribution providers

These typically have no direct access to our systems but provide network infrastructure that will necessarily process your IP address to deliver our assets.

Payment providers

When you make a payment through a payment provider, we will get invoice information from these providers. Any payment details needed to actually make a payment on your behalf is handled only by the payment providers, not by us.

Debt collection

When you revoke a payment you’ve already made, we may share the information available to us with debt collectors, so that they can get in touch with you on our behalf.

Email marketing service providers

We and Italiaonline share your email address, display name, and localization information, and whether or not you are currently subscribed to our newsletter with our email marketing service providers, so that they can send you relevant emails. For further information please also refer to above section ”Direct marketing, Newsletter, Newsletter Tracking“.

Single sign-on providers

These are only relevant if you explicitly choose single-sign on options, in which case our interaction with them enables you to sign into our game platform. Should you change your mind about using these, the providers usually offer a way to decouple your single-sign on account from our website (revoking our access to your metadata). For more information, please refer to the providers' documentation.

Business intelligence

We use providers to help us sift through our own tracking data.

Game developers

These create and maintain our (casino) games for us. As these applications are typically standalone and can simply be embedded in our website "plug-and-play" style, we share only very little information about you with these providers - your IP address, device information, display name, and the amount of in-game currency you own.

Crash reporting

Our mobile games platform embed crash reporting functionality. The crash reports contain only anonymous information. Nonetheless, you can opt out of this in the settings of the application.

Affiliates, cobrands and performance marketing

To allow brands, partners and campaigns to measure their own effectiveness, we embed various trackers on our website. For details, please refer to the „Web and App Analytics“ section of this privacy policy.


We receive data about the approximate geographical location of IP addresses from geolocation services. We do not share any information with these services, we are only consumers of this data.

Support ticket system, email contact, feedback

You can contact WHOW or Italiaonline by email. Contact, support, and feedback requests via the website are processed by WHOW. In this case, the transmitted personal data of the user will be stored. In this context, the data will not be passed on to third parties. The data is used exclusively for processing the conversation.

The processing of your personal data is voluntarily provided to WHOW or Italiaonline per email and solely serves to process the contact. This is also the required legitimate interest in processing the data. This data will be deleted immediately as soon as it is no longer required to achieve the purpose for which it was collected. For personal data sent per email , this is the case when the respective conversation with the user has come to an end. The conversation is ended when the circumstances indicate that the matter in question has been conclusively clarified.

You have the option to revoke your consent and the processing of personal data at any time. If you contact WHOW and/or Italiaonline per email, you can object to the storage of your personal data at any time. In such a case, our conversation cannot be continued. The revocation can be made at any time via the contact details of the parties above. All personal data stored in the course of contacting us will, in this case, be deleted.

Please note that when communicating per email, data security on the Internet cannot be guaranteed on behalf of WHOW and Italiaonline. We strongly recommend sending confidential information via postal mail in order to prevent the loss of such confidential information.

The legal basis for the processing of data transmitted in the course of sending an email is Article 6 para. 1 lit. a and f GDPR. If the contact targets the conclusion of a contract, an additional legal basis for the processing is Article 6 para. 1 lit. b GDPR.

Video streaming

In some cases, we use video streaming services to show you advertisements. Your impression of these videos is recorded by these services.

The providers we use are either in the European Union, in a country formally deemed safe by the data privacy standards of the European Union, or contractually bound to treat your data with the utmost care. Whenever the process allows, we anonymize or pseudonymize your data.

Under no circumstances do we sell your data to third parties.

Information regarding your rights

WHOW and Italiaonline are headquartered in the European Union. We are committed to complying to the GDPR. This affords you several inherent rights to your personal data.

You have the right to:

- request access to your personal data (Article 15 GDPR) in a portable format (Article 20 GDPR)

- request correction of your personal data (Article 16 GDPR),

- request restriction of the processing of your personal data (Article 18 GDPR),

- request deletion of your personal data (Article 17 GDPR),

- withdraw consent for your processing of data, when we do this in accordance with a legitimate interest (Article 7 para. 3 and Article 21 GDPR),

- lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority (Article 77 GDPR).

You can easily delete your data in the settings for your account. For all other requests, please contact us either through the support widget on our website, or by contacting us via email ( If you contact us through a means other than the support widget, please understand that we may need to ask you to verify your identity. After all, you wouldn't want a random stranger to get access to your data, and neither do we.

Note that it may take up to 30 days for us to process a request of yours. Should there be any delay, we will of course let you know.

You can find additional legal information in the Articles 7 para. 3, 15-21 and 77 GDPR.

Instructions for deleting your player data and/or your player account in our web version:

* Log into the respective player account using your player account information.

* Then open your profile by clicking on your profile pic.

* Scroll down until you reach the point "Delete account" and confirm this selection.

* Enter your password to confirm deletion.

Please denote that any and all deletions will require a few days to process. Should you wish to cancel or revoke your deletion request, please proceed step by step through the instructions provided above and object to the respective deletion.

Your right to access, correct, and erase your personal data (Articles 15, 16, 17 and 20 GDPR)

At any time, you can request information as to whether or not your personal data is processed by WHOW and/or Italiaonline, what the conditions of such processing are, and to receive a copy of your personal data.

More specifically, you can request information about:

- the purposes of the processing

- the categories of personal data that is processed.

- the categories of recipients with whom we have shared the data.

- the intended duration of storage.

- your rights in regard to this data (correction, erasure, restriction, withdrawal of consent, and lodging a complaint with the supervisory authority).

- the source of the data in cases where we did not obtain it from your direct interactions with us.

- the existence of any automated decision-making based on this data, including profiling.

- your right to request meaningful information about the algorithms involved.

If you make this request electronically, the information will be provided in a commonly used electronic form. Should you make this request several times, parties may ask a fee of you to cover administrative costs.

You also have the right to instruct us to correct any personal data that is inaccurate.

When we delete data that we've shared with third parties, we will also contact those third parties and ensure that they too delete your data.

When we delete data that we've made public over the course of offering our services to you, we will, to the degree feasible, contact any third party providers that may have this information cached to forward your request to them.

Right to the restriction of processing of personal data (Article 18 GDPR)

You can assert your right to limit the processing of your personal data when:

- you contest the accuracy of your personal data, during the time necessary to verify the accuracy of such data.

- the processing of your personal data is unlawful, but you oppose the erasure thereof and instead demand the limitation of processing.

- when we no longer need your personal data, but you still need such personal data for the establishment, exercise, or defense of legal claims.

Right to personal data portability (Article 20 GDPR)

You have the right to receive personal data you have provided to us in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format, and to transmit such data to another controller without restraint or impediment from WHOW.

Whenever technically feasible, you may request that your personal data be transmitted directly to another data controller by WHOW.

Right to revoke consent (Article 7 para. 3 and 21 GDPR)

WHOW and Italiaonline only process your personal data with your consent, unless the data processing is otherwise required (see section “Are you required to share your personal data with WHOW?”).

If you have a registered account with us, you may revoke your consent at any time by changing the settings associated with your account (or by deleting your account outright, if you prefer). If you do not have a registered account with us, please refer to the Web and App Analytics section for the means of opting-out of other data collection.

Please note that a revocation of your consent does not affect the lawfulness of processing carried out prior to such revocation.

Right to file a complaint with your supervisory authority (Article 77 GDPR)

If, despite our efforts to protect the confidentiality of your personal data, you feel that your rights have not been upheld duly, you have the right to file a complaint with the national data protection authority in your country.

Objection against the processing of your data for direct marketing

When you create an account with us, you have the option of subscribing to newsletters and commercial emails. You can opt-out of newsletters and commercial emails at any time using the unsubscribe links provided in the email footers, or in your account settings.

Web and app analytics

To improve our website, to correct errors, to optimize the site (and our campaigns used to promote it), we store pseudonymized data about our visitors' behavior at our website and use several tracking services to assist us (Article 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR). These services either use cookies (desktop) to allow them to correlate the behavioral data they collect (for example, to tell us how long the average user spent on our site or what percentage of users that visited our site registered an account with us). The type of data exchanged may be information on when you registered an account with us, where you come from (which banner you clicked or which game site you play our games on), your device parameters (e.g. operating system, brand, etc.), your user ID in our games, page impressions (time and page identifier), or payments you make.

The trackers use this data either to craft approximate your behavioral profiles (enabling them to supply better marketing targeting to the users of their service) or to permit us to pay for our campaigns via registration events or the acquisition of paying users rather than impressions ("performance marketing").

Right of objection

Should you object to the use of this pseudonymized processing of your data, your opt-out options are:

For web and our online tracking of and to the endpoints we manage, please refer to the cookie preference settings in the following by clicking the “Cookies” button.

Your browser will need to accept cookies for the opt-out process to work.

Since you may also interact with other trackers used on other websites, opting out of the trackers on a single website will probably not lead to the desired result. To better enable you to effectively opt out of tracking services, this section contains an overview of all of the trackers we use and where you can opt out of them.

The opt-out options for many tracking services can also be found at, which provides a unified and central opportunity for you to opt out of various tracking services. This site can also help if you want to review your online choices for other providers that we do not make use of.

Unless otherwise noted (be it here or on our tracking partners opt-out pages), your browser will need to accept cookies for the opt-out process to work.

AppsFlyer - AppsFlyer is based in the US and offers an opt-out at

Facebook Analytics - Facebook/Meta is based in the US and offers opt-out instructions at

Google Ads (a/k/a Google Remarketing) and AdMob - Google offers opt-out instructions for Google Ads and AdMob at

Google Analytics - Google offers opt-out instructions for Google Analytics at Your IP address is masked when it is sent to Google Analytics. For further information, visit


We make use of the widespread SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption method to make our site secure when you visit it. This is in conjunction with the highest level of encryption supported by your browser.

You can tell when any single page at our website is transmitted in encrypted form by the closed presentation of the lock (or key) symbol in your browser’s status bar.

We also take the appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect your data against destruction, accidental and/or intentional manipulation, partial and/or total loss, or against unauthorized access by third parties. Our security measures are continuously being improved in accordance with technological developments.

Information on the Joint Controllership of Data via Italiaonline and WHOW as per Article 26 GDPR

The data processing responsibilities at "misterjackpot" are distributed between Italiaonline and WHOW as follows.

- The collection of your data for the offer of website services, and in the context of registration and participation in games, is carried out exclusively at the website in the joint responsibility of the parties.

- The data collected or used as part of the process of registration for a newsletter as well as the sending out of the newsletters is all subject to the joint responsibility of WHOW. WHOW is responsible for a data-protection-compliant collection of data for the electronic delivery of these newsletters via the processes set up by the system or which we make available.

In addition:

- The system-side responsibility, i.e. the technical design of the data-processing processes, is held by WHOW. This means that the data-protection-compliant design of the technical measures and established data-processing processes as well as the interfaces necessary to be able to operate the website operationally lie within WHOW’s area of responsibility.

- WHOW is responsible for the proper storage of the data collected via the individual processes of the website in accordance with data protection law. The storage of the data is carried out in compliance with the necessary principles of data security and data separation.

- With the exception of sending newsletters of the respective parties, no advertising measures are established.

- WHOW implements tracking technologies in compliance with data protection laws, which are used on a case-by-case basis in coordination with Italiaonline. The parties are jointly responsible for the information/data obtained from the established tracking measures.

- WHOW is responsible for the implementation of the games offered at the website, the related communication with the data subjects, and customer service, which also includes the data-protection-compliant processing of the data required for this purpose and the implementation of a data-protection-compliant process for the promotion of new products/games.

- Italiaonline shall be responsible for carrying out its own communication and promotional activities with data subjects, which will also include the processing of the data required for this purpose in compliance with data protection laws, as well as the implementation of a process for the promotion of products and/or services in compliance with data protection laws.

- The billing processes, i.e. the processing of your payments, are part of WHOW's area of responsibility.

- The protection of the rights of the data subject according to Article 15 et seq. GDPR as well as the notification obligations as per Article 33 et seq. GDPR are regulated in the section ”Information regarding your rights”. Both compliance and maintenance are the responsibility of the respective parties.

Use of cookies

Please be advised that the Contractors use cookies or markers, including profiling cookies. Further information can be found in the section “Cookie List”.

Changes to the privacy policy

The need may arise to modify and update this document. To this end, we recommend that you consult this Privacy Policy on a regular basis.

Further information

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